Sustainable Landscapes

Xeriscape? Zeroscape? Zero what? How about abundantly floral gardens that aid the bees and grow plants you can eat and bouquet while conserving water? Too long to put on a t-shirt? Too lofty a goal? Or just right?

Many, many, many beautiful plants from across the globe flourish in conditions like ours. Plants with colorful stems and foliage. Plants with abundant flowers. Plants with lovely scents. Plants that taste good. Conserving water and cultivating abundantly floral and edible gardens go hand in hand under the principles of organic gardening. Grow your soil. Top dress your garden. Amend with guanos and plant meals. Compost. Compost. Compost.

We stock a complete assortment of garden mixes, potting soils and natural amendments, sustainably sourced from farms in California and Oregon. Nourish the soil, feed your plants and combat pests naturally with people and pet safe products you can feel good about.

Like succulents? So do we. Short and round, long and leafy, spiky, fuzzy, purple, red and green—we are delighted to keep a deep assortment of our water retaining plant friends. Check out this compact compendium of a few of our favorites.