Down in the Point Loma Village Where the Jacarandas Grow

en concordia is very happy to reside at the bottom of the hill, where land becomes bay, on the old La Playa Trail, a few paces from Ballast Point. We welcome your dog and we have books and a chair for your children and we always want to talk plants and goat’s milk soap.

We have big bags of compost, organic, of course, and plants and gifts galore. Stop in on your stroll to the bay or drive down and park in the back off of Upshur Street. We are happy to meet you and yours, but expect us to be gone on Mondays, when we pack up the family and hit one of the 6,500 farms in our bountiful county, collecting things that bloom and taste good.

grow real food

Non-GMO, USDA Organic, open pollinated, heirloom seeds selected for exceptional performance in organic conditions. Celebrate the rich bounty and natural beauty of century and decades old varietals, known for their superior taste and productivity.

Enjoy pure seeds. Seeds you can collect and seeds you can share. Join us in sowing seeds that celebrate the past and grow the future.

Explore the pollinator garden on the patio

Nourish the birds and the bees, the butterflies and the beneficial bugs. Plant or pot nectar rich whorls and pollen loaded blossoms, water wise and locally grown. 

Weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetable starts, unique succulents and hardy perennials suited to our mild coastal climate.

food for thought

Small batch, handmade preserves crafted for cocktails and charcuterie or scones and tea or marinades and barbeque. True to season and blended to highlight a simple pairing of complementary flavors.

Simple ingredients prepared by hand, preserving the essence of the garden at its peak.